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Our Evidence

Client satisfaction is a vital growth factor for our clients and us. We value our client's requirements and work accordingly to succeed. We stand out from others by our business operations and policies. Our uniqueness helps to improve the business and business connections. Experience and Expertise We have professionals with more than ten years of experience in the healthcare and IT industry. Our experts fulfil client needs accurately and on time. We are constantly updating ourselves with current technologies to give the best service.

MedReck Team helps all our clients/customers requirements by using various methods to Discover, Model, Analyze, Measure, and Improve, optimize their needs. Our experts works closely to the technology updates on daily basis and stick to the latest technologies to make our client/customer to be on top of market.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery is the strategy to anticipate and overcome disasters. It increases the confidence in the business of the customers and clients. Due to unpredictable occurrences, the company may go down. Disaster recovery includes the company's procedure to recover quickly from unplanned incidents. A disaster is an unexpected event by nature or humans. It can be a power outage, natural disaster, malware or other cyber-attack. It will downshift and interrupt business in many ways. It will result in business slowdown, revenue loss, and customer support problems.

We have a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP), which is a compilation of various disaster recovery methods documented, structured approach. DRP is an essential part of a Business Continuity Plan (BCP). Our DRP has solutions to shorten the impact of the disaster. We involve an analysis of business processes and continuity needs. Before generating the plan, we conduct business impact analysis (BIA) and risk analysis (RA). Our DRP ensures business continuity, enhances system security, improves customer retention and reduces recovery costs.

We have a team responsible to create, implement, and manage the DRP. They will communicate with each other about their roles and responsibilities. Our alternate plans handle every situation and move forward. We have a workspace at different locations. So we can access the server and continue the work at any time. We have preventive tools and techniques to handle a disaster. We forecast a disaster through past and present actions. Our anticipation leads to a solution to face the disaster. Our mitigation strategies reduce the negative impact of the disaster and drive proper workflow.

Data Security

Data Security is important in the present world. It builds client trust and reputation. So we are against data breaches. Globally, most data breaches are not the result of malicious attacks. They resulted from careless or incidental. Also, due to unawareness of the security policies, employees share, grant access, or mishandle data.

As we are an emerging firm in the healthcare, AI, and IT industries, we are handling massive data of clients. So we assure our clients of data security. We highly give priority to secure data in all ways. We stand out from others by training, data loss prevention (DLP) technology and improved access controls. We train our employees to be familiar with our company policies. So our employees will not abuse the data in any form. Also, they are concerned about data security.

Internal threats may be the cause of unawareness. But external threats are wellplanned by attackers. Phishing is the first step in an external attack. It involves messages that appear to be from a trusted source sent by an attacker. We protect data from unauthorized access. We always ensure clients in various modes before sharing data. That makes confident our clients and us.

Attackers use malware to advanced attacks. They infect data for payment. Ransomware is a common malware threat to all sizes of companies. We protect data in our highly secured server from all malware attacks. We have strong anti-virus software to shield against malware. Also, we will not allow other parties to encrypt, destroy, modify, or corrupt data. Our Endpoint protection platforms (EPP) take a more extensive approach to endpoint security. We secure private health information (PHI) in line with the HIPAA standard. Our information technology and security crews actively consider data protection challenges and security posture. We follow the GRC method to improve data security and compliance.

  • Certificate : ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Category : Information security management system (Non IAF)
  • Cerficate number : INISMS1312607/8607
  • Start date : 13/12/2022
  • Valid till : 12/12/2025
  • We assure your information and data will be protected at high level of security
  • Certificate : ISO 9001:2015
  • Category : Quality management system (Non IAF)
  • Cerficate number : INISMS1312606/8606
  • Start date : 13/12/2022
  • Valid till : 12/12/2025
  • We believe quality brings all sort of trust factors, we have a proper organization channels