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Till date Medreck BPM have proved and worked to enrich its wellness in services for the healthcare industry with the advanced AI Technologies. As Nelson Mandela once said,'' Education is the most powerful weapon, Which you can use to change the world". We couldn't agree more, Now Medreck BPM have planned to take a leap in E- learning to serve students' education. The essence of our E- learning platform is to provide academic and exam preparation Books in the Audible format. With a thought that listening to a book is not only just as good as reading it, sometimes, perhaps even often it's better. We believe these audiobooks will be best utilized by visually impaired students with verbally descriptive contents that helps students to learn and makes them grow. We extend our service from primary To secondary students with their academic contents And Books that will be helpful for Competitive exam preparation. Here the Scripts are audio Transcripted and delivered to enhance the listening skills of the audience. The idea of engulfing minds with audiobooks arises because of its offerings in enriching the brains.

Research proves that the listening skill benefits in leveling up from reading comprehension to expanding vocabulary and also our brains are activated more while listening to the words. More likely to create meaningful visual development and allows more room for our brain's visual process to take off. Listening enhances the focus on voices, sounds, accents and the details that our mind needs to create the whole picture. While hearing a content our brain needs more imagery happenings, to supplant words, this promotes the connectivity between psychological and physiological visuals. Medreck BPM mainly concentrates on quality. For us our work is paramount as this will kick off the interest to go for more. To aid this requirement we launch Artificial intelligence to generate audiobooks. This expert system provides Clear enunciation , High-quality content, Implementation of sound effects, Proper pacing, and inflections. The implementation of a knowledge learning system, promotes Background music and sound effects that can turn an audiobook into an spectacular movie that resonates with us. It Improves the pace, Supports cultural significance, Manages the transitions better and Amplifies the mood and intensity by Enhancing feelings. Medreck BPM involves the best voice generator for the intense experience to the students.


The enormous impact of AI helps advance text-to-speech technologies to sound like natural voice recordings. Our Audiobooks have advanced gadgets that are designed in the way to read books so anyone can listen and enjoy them. These audiobooks can also be downloaded on devices. It is specifically made to make it easier for an Individual with declining vision or other conditions that can make reading troublesome, we believe this can be a great alternative.It is well known that a common human can suffer from memory and cognition deficits as years progress. Audiobooks are one of the best methods, especially for students and people hoping for exams preparations, to stimulate the mind and improve cognitive abilities. Engaging ourselves to intake texts in audio formats is an excellent way to build listening skills, develop fluency, practice critical thinking and to have optimistic experiences around reading. It is suggested that audiobooks can aid in the development of some key literacy skills and also sets supplement to the improvement in tuning the listening skill in students who dislike reading, have trouble sitting still, or have ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities. We, Medreck BPM combines Audiobooks with artificial intelligence and give out the best experience on e- learning and hoping for the betterment in process.

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