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Who we are?


MedReck BPM, KPO/ITES/BPO Services Company established on 19th August 2020 with the head office at Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India, and a Business Center in Idaho, USA. They provide services encompassing clients throughout the globe. And those aim to provide service to the clients by discovering, Analyzing, Measuring, Improving, and optimizing their needs.

We provide End to End RCM services under one roof, and they were not limited to it, we also offer Medical Transcriptions, and Healthcare AI Services like Medical annotations, and Medical labelling and this company is one of the brand leaders in providing Healthcare AI Annotations and US Billing Services.

Along with KPO – Medical Billing & Healthcare AI, MedReck BPM stepped into the BPO industry and provide services like Inbound call support and chat support, Artificial Intelligence (AI) data collection with experienced crowd sourcing, Transcriptions & Translation services, and works 24/7 to facilitate better and smooth service to our customers.

With the assistance and support of their proficient team members who acquire 10+ years of experience in the complete RCM and a competent medical billing team of experts who are always there to provide Services with any kind of assistance client/customer want in any area, Aspire to build a community where people can rely on and get their queries resolved forthwith.


End to End Solutions

Like we say, With the courage to pursue them , all our dreams can come true. We MedReck BPM is known for efficiency and productivity which is the key for surviving and thriving. We excel your business adroitness with our expertise business solutions for all billing needs and provide end to end client support across all scopes in US revenue cycle services.

  • Healthcare industry

    We combine our strong domain knowledge, Précised operating model and unified solutions to cause the view of transformations in the healthcare industry.

  • IT and BPM solutions

    Our integrated IT and BPM solutions equip our clients across countries to unlock their business value with digital transformation. We enable our clients to attain quick adaptation, keen vision, accountability and stability that they need to navigate in today's operational challenges with timely, effective and accurate services.

  • E-learning

    The implementation of AI promotes the Efficient and detailed piece of information. With this gaiety, we leap toward The e-learning platform, to provide learning experience for visually impaired students. We work closely towards the technology to keep our clients business up to date

Our Mission

  • MedReck BPM's commitment towards the society and to the work is to furnish the Health care management with the high volt improvement, in the Artificial Intelligence.
  • With Systemized collection of Patient's health information in a digital format, early health detection, medical Research, labeling and mapping of data and diagnostic becomes a cinch.
  • We toil on US billing services, end to end RCM services with professional extremity. And assist health practitioners and improve operational efficiencies by validating it.
  • AR denial management, medical annotations, transcriptions are settled thoroughly. Acoustic collections, Image Collections.
  • Text data collections and visual collections are done with augmented reality that blend digital content into the real world.

Our Vision

  • Evolve, Enhance and equip the society with Artificial intelligence and progressive vision in healthcare, learning and Information sectors.
  • MedReck BPM will enhance the Health care services by implementing the integrated and Precise services in the Medical world.
  • Promote the perceiving, synthesizing and inferring process of technology with Artificial intelligence.
  • Will take a lead in providing E- Learning facility in the Audible format for the wellness of visually impaired students with advanced learning establishments.
  • Take a leap in providing information services and automation with technical performance.

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